Core Values

High Achievement for All

The school is dedicated to teaching students to be involved, active learners who work hard, think critically and creatively and communicate effectively. We emphasize high expectations for all students, and support them to reach their full potential in all aspects of achievement, especially in academics, arts, sports, social skills and civic participation, all of which prepare students for success in their lives after high school.

Excellence in Teaching

Passionate, Knowledgeable, skillful teachers are the core strength of our school system. We expect our faculty staff to provide a dynamic and rewarding learning experience for students. Excellent teaching begins with strong relationships between faculty and students and is nurtured by understanding among colleagues. We are committed to supporting a professional community that creates and sustains an atmosphere of intellectual excitement, innovative instruction and personal growth.


As parents you are vital partners in the work we do. We know you will work with us to make a successful collaboration between you, your child & us in the years to come. It is believed that when parents and school work together, children flourish.
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