About Us
We, at Presidency Indo International School, believe that every student is unique and looks at learning from all the angles to help each student realize his or her true potential. The school's approach to teaching is one that not only focuses on academic achievement but also on the development of character, capability and creativity.
About School

Innovative Curriculum

The School's unique curriculum is a blend of the best in national and International Curriculums and is aligned with the current understanding of learning and teaching. It facilitates seamless progress from the formative years through schooling to tertiary education, while ensuring a smooth transition from one curriculum to another. The curriculum encourages students to be active learners, who explore, understand and participate in the world around them. By being exposed to a wide variety of disciplines, both cognitive and non-cognitive, students are prepared for a well – balanced life outside the school.

Unique Learning Environment

Presidency Indo International School has a unique learning environment that breaks the traditional boundaries. The School follows a value based education. All students are provided with a solid academic foundation and a rich scholastic program that is guided by four core value.

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