Presidency Indo International School offers a comprehensive learning programme that extends far beyond the confines of a classroom. Students have countless opportunities to assimilate knowledge, discover hidden talents, follow dreams and grow into all rounder's. A range of skills, attributes and values are built and nurtured in the students, to ensure their holistic development.

Every activity, both inside and outside the classroom, at Presidency Indo International School contributes towards the learning process in different, but equally meaningful ways. Children are strongly encouraged to participate in every aspect of school activities and receive support and guidance from the teachers.

The Pre-School Programme

The Pre - School Programme at Presidency Indo International School comprises of Nursery, Jr. K.G. & Sr. K.G.

In the Pre-School classes, emphasis is placed equally on children's intellectual, physical and social development. Children learn through a combination of games, songs and creative projects. They play with blocks, measure sand, water or ingredients for cooking; they are taught to observe changes in the environment, examine and sort objects, etc. Story-telling and role-playing, drawing and tracing, creating patterns and developing skills of measurement, all contribute to the laying of sure foundations in literacy and numeracy.

In order to make learning both enjoyable and meaningful, the Pre-School programme:

  • Nurtures the child’s love of learning and fosters the boundless curiosity that comes so naturally at this young age.
  • Creates an atmosphere where children feel respected and secure by providing a place of warmth, fun, joy and laughter.
  • Focuses on the overall development of children through activities and experiences.
  • Offers a flexible and hands-on approach which enables teachers to support children’s interests, build self-esteem and confidence, as well as support the development of skills in all cognitive areas.
  • Commits to a curriculum that is dynamic, progressive and responsive to the evolving world.
  • Provides a learning environment that encourages children to look at multiple perspectives and develop the ability and attitude to solve their own problems, as well as those of the global community, as they grow up.
  • Offers Games / Physical Education, Music, Art and Craft, Speech and Drama, Indian Dance etc. as regular extra or co-curricular subjects. Field trips, excursions, and off-campus activities are organized to explore various areas of interest.

The Primary Programme (Cambridge Primary)

Presidency Indo International School is one of the few schools that offers an internationally benchmarked Primary School programme: the Cambridge Primary Programme (CPP). The programme is designed for class I to IV and provides an excellent foundation for Secondary School education. The Cambridge Primary Programme lays emphasis on the core areas of English, Mathematics and Science.

As students move from Pre-school to Grade I, they undertake a great leap in terms of the subjects they need to grasp and the school timings they need to adhere to. Hence, the approach here is friendlier and a slightly extended one compared to the Pre- School Programme. Primary students at Presidency Indo International School deal with a balanced curriculum that enmeshes academics and extracurricular activities in the right proportions. This results in their acquiring excellent exposure to Art, Design and Technology, Cricket, Football, Basketball, Swimming, Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Skating, Dramatics, Dance, Music, etc.

The Primary Programme follows a well-structured curriculum designed to serve both teachers and students in the global context. The knowledge and skills developed during this period are aimed at ensuring a smooth transition from Primary to Secondary schooling. The framework facilitates the development of courses that are stimulating for both students and teachers.

Cambridge Primary Progression Tests are available for Stages 1-6 to help the school monitor students' progress. However, the tests do not lead to a qualification. Instead, they provide a benchmark for schools calibrated against an international unit. They are designed to provide information to teachers, students and parents about the progress being made, and the strengths and weaknesses of individuals and groups.

Besides offering core subjects, viz. English, Mathematics and Science, the Primary students at Presidency Indo International School, are trained in Geography, History, Information Technology, Art, Music, and Design and Technology as supplementary subjects. This gives them a balanced and comprehensive understanding of the world around them. The school also follows a good policy at the primary level by introducing, Hindi as additional language.

Children learn and develop through:

  • A number of informal methods like activities, projects, presentations and hands-on experiences, apart from formal learning.
  • Outdoor and indoor play and games.
  • Exploring and reading books, newspapers and magazines, thus enhancing their knowledge and inculcating in them an interest to be learning-oriented while appreciating the value of reading and research.
  • Physical education improves health and fitness, while enjoying the recreational value it offers.
  • Inter-house and school – wide events are organised to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition in the children and to showcase their talents.
  • Opportunities in Dance, Fine Arts, Theatre, Western and Indian Music, Speech and Drama and Yoga, facilitate an all round development. These are part of the regular curriculum, and are also being offered as co-curricular programmes.
  • Participation in co-curricular activities: Students who show special interest or are especially talented in any sporting or non-sporting areas are offered further opportunities through the core activity programme, so that they are able to excel in such areas and also enhance their readiness to take part in competitions and tournaments outside the school.
  • All cultural festivals & historic occasions are celebrated through school assemblies, play performances, special holidays and functions, which help children in meaningful bonding and appreciation of such festivals.
  • Field trips, excursions, and off-campus activities are organized to explore various areas of interest.
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