Students’ Testimonials

Devansh Gupta

- Grade 5

" My School’s name is Presidency Indo International School and it is very big. We have pig playgrounds, mess, dance room, computer and science labs, library and many more. We start our day by praying to god for our better studies. My School is strict with discipline and we have to follow that on a regular basis.

I like my school uniform very much. I go to school by the school bus and it is located at a very peaceful place which is free from pollution, noise, dust and smoke of the city. My school timings are 7:30 am to 1:15 pm.

In the school we celebrate Annual function, sports day, Independence and republic days, and other international days. We also have many activities in classes like preparing charts, performing skits on special assembly days, asking riddles, etc.

The first day of the school was good as I spoke to new teachers and friends. Earlier, I always used to be scared to go on stage. Then the teachers trained me and now am not scared anymore. We also learn a new language of French in the school. "

Hrudaya Naik

- Grade 5

" I like my school because it has good teachers which take care of small things for us. The extracurricular activities which are played in school are of great fun like that of football and cricket especially. There are two sections in the school: Pre primary and Primary wings And it feels very peaceful in the school.

I like to learn many things in school and I have a good experience in the school. I have learnt to speak on stage too."

Vishakha Mhatre

- Grade 5

" My school has given me confidence ands opportunities to talk freely in front of the whole world. It has its own website which has articles that gives good knowledge to us. Teachers are very helpful for students when they don’t understand something and is the only school in Bhiwandi which allows grade 1 students to use computers.

In our school, we are allowed to play games of our choice. Like football, cricket, skating, etc. It teaches me so much that I don’t know and increase my knowledge. There is another unique feature: we are provided cubbies or cubical spaces like drawers where we keep our most of the books including textbooks, notebooks and every other thing. It is useful because they know children’s backs will pain if they carry all books every day. This is my first year in the school and I have learnt how to make friends here."

Amrita Modanwal

- Grade 5

" I was so excited on my first day of school, that I wokeup at 4:00 am in the morning to get ready for school and meet my new friends. I joint this school when I was in grade 4. Me and my mother really like the school. This school has made me quite active. Earlier I had fear of stage. But teachers here have given me a lot of encouragement and because of them I have overcome my stage fright. Our school has its page with informative articles. When we went to picnic, we have enjoyed fully especially when we went to Nehru Planetarium.

I am thankful for school and my parents."

Chavi Gogad

- Grade 4

" My experience in the school has been very great. School is like my home where Sirs and teachers are like my parents, classes are like my room and mess is like my kitchen. Every day we have 7 lectures. It is full of activities like arts and craft, studies and playing. There are good teachers and sirs who care for students. Thank you very much, dear School…"

Divjyot Singh Grewal

- Grade 4

" I like my school because the teachers are nice to me, all the staff admin is good, the Vice Principal, Director are all the best. I am a new student here as I joined this year but I got to know so much about it. I remember my first day of school when I was a little nervous. But after two to three days, I felt okay and not at all nervous as I made friends, became the monitor and so much more.

I think this is the best school of all. I was from playgroup to grade 3 in my previous school and this school is I think far better. Also, there are three play grounds and we celebrate almost every festival here and have loads of competitions "

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